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All-Terrain Hoverboard “Hummer” with self-balancing 8.5″ Wheels Black

€ 899.00

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Product description

  • Thrill-seeking and off-piste enthusiast? The E-ZIGO30 is made for you! This high-quality all-terrain hoverboard shines with the robustness of its large wheels and aerodynamic fairing. Its exceptional design and performance make it unique, ideal for combining business with pleasure. Day or night, this hoverboard-tank will follow you wherever you go. On sand, cobblestones, gravel, grass, asphalt and other uneven surfaces... thanks to its puncture-proof tires, it's a real all-purpose hoverboard that can ride even in rainy weather (water resistance , IP 54 standard). Robust, powerful, responsive, light and easy to handle: It is mounted on 8.5-inch wheels equipped with alloy rims and boosted by 2 motors with a power of 350W for a maximum speed of 15 km/h. LED Light lighting for riding in complete safety while being visible.
  • Extremely simple to use, for urban travel the E-ZIGO e-skate equipped with its 2 ultra-powerful LED lamps is controlled by tilting the body.
  • You lean forward, he speeds up
  • Backwards, it slows down or goes backwards
  • To turn, you exert stronger pressure forward on the side you want to go
  • A tilt forward will give it the order to go straight and an imbalance on one side will allow it to do turns on the spot.
  • It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use it!
  • Ultra-simple getting started:
  • – Press the START button. A beep signals the e-skate is powered on. Freedom is yours!!
  • Can only be used by 1 person at a time
  • All of the E-ZIGO e-skate technologies have been subject to extensive controls throughout their production process.
  • Not suitable for under 14 years
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Categories: Transport, Hoverboards

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